Baptism Preparation

Goals and Purpose - The purpose of the Baptism Preparation Ministry is to provide the parents and families of children who are to be baptized with a proper understanding of and reverence for the Liturgy and significance of that sacramental event.

Responsibilities - We, as the Church, believe it is our duty to offer parents and guardians, as well as Godparents, the opportunity to fully understand the privileged commitment they are undertaking for a child and themselves through the Sacrament of Baptism. Members of this ministry teach and facilitate the Parish’s baptism preparation session in order to make it meaningful and place those who attend into a more relaxed and prayerful state of mind as the Baptism day approaches. Responsibilities also include scheduling the sessions, coordinating the required sacramental documentation, distributing materials, and attending the Sacrament of Baptism to assist the celebrating priest or deacon.

Helpful Attributes - Appreciation and reverence for the Sacrament of Baptism and its importance in the spiritual lives of the child, parents and Godparents. Willingness to learn more about the Church’s teachings relating to the Sacrament of Baptism. Ability to convey warmth and empathy.

Time Commitment - Varies depending upon commitment as a teacher / facilitator or providing administrative support. Requires attendance at the evening baptism preparation training session, scheduled at various times during the year depending upon the number of children to be baptized. Help is needed with the following administrative duties: coordinating needed documentation at the beginning of the evening class in regard to the actual baptisms; verifying information and receiving correct documentation from the parents, as well as the Godparents, to finalize all the documentation for the baptisms.

Training Required - Diocesan and Parish training provided.

Fingerprinting Required - No


Father Antony Lopez

772 336-9956

Theresa Specht

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Baptism Preparations for Infants

Questions to Ask Before your Child is Baptized at St. Bernadette Parish:
Are you fully committed to raising your child in the Catholic Faith? If yes: that's terrific! Now continue to the other questions:
Are you a registered and active member of our St. Bernadette Parish Family for at least six months? Only those who live in our parish boundaries (zip code 34986) will be able to register here and have their children baptized here at St. Bernadette. You will need a letter of permission from their own parish's Pastor to have the Baptism here if you do not live in our parish boundaries.
Are you, as parents, prepared to attend the Baptism Preparation Class prior to your child's Baptism?
Have you chosen godparents who are committed, practicing Catholics who will be able to obtain a Sponsor Letter from their parish Church? Godparents who live in St Bernadette Parish (34986) must be registered and active members of the parish for a minimum of six months prior to receiving a Sponsor Letter.