Powerhouse of Prayer


Marilyn Hight
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Cathy Vitta

The Powerhouse of Prayer is an intercessional prayer ministry. Our spiritual focus is on the special intentions of our St. Bernadette Parish Family as submitted to us, as well as those special intentions brought forth by each of us as individuals. Because of the unique purpose of this ministry, our primary mode of prayer while we are together as a group is more spontaneous than structured.

Responsibilities - Gather to pray as a group for one hour a week in the Family Life Center, currently every Monday at 10:30 AM. However, anyone is welcome to pray with us at any time without committing to this ministry.

Helpful Attributes - An appreciation for the power of intercessional prayer in our lives and in the lives of those for whose intentions we pray. A desire to join with others in group prayer.

Time Commitment - One hour per week.

Training Required - None

Fingerprinting Required - No