Christ Renews His Parish…

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP, pronounced "Chirp") is a spiritual renewal weekend designed to help individuals grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in our faith community. It is an excellent opportunity for Catholics to renew their understanding of the basic beliefs and traditions of our faith.

CRHP is a process designed to bring members of a parish together in Christ. CRHP is an effective spiritual renewal that calls together members of our parish to experience personal conversion and Christian community within the environment of St. Bernadette Catholic Church.

The uniqueness of CRHP is in its continuation. Participants are usually so inspired, so renewed, so uplifted that they're anxious to share their faith experience with others from their parish. Retreatants have the opportunity to continue their faith formation following the weekend retreat and many return this gift to the next group of parishoners called to renewal. During this formation time, even greater spiritual growth occurs. The transition between attending a weekend and leading a weekend takes place over a 4 to 6 month formation period.

What CRHP is NOT:

It's not a silent retreat, public confession, parish ministry, emotional cult or clique.

What Happens During the Weekend?

Come prepared to have fun and renew your heart.

During the weekend, you will listen to a number of volunteer stewards share a personal witness to the power of Jesus Christ in their lives. Small group discussions follow each presentation. Most in-depth discussions take place amongst your own table. You'll be free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

There will be readings from scripture, time for prayer, and time set aside for personal reflection. You and your needs will always be respected. The sharing dialogue is stimulated in a liturgical, scriptural, and prayerful atmosphere.

Sacraments are an integral part of the weekend. There will be an opportunity to go to confession and the weekend will conclude with a private Mass. All experiences shared on the weekend are confidential, as what happens in CRHP, stays in CRHP.

Who Can Participate?


All are welcome!

The program is designed to help strengthen our Parish, so every member over 21 years old is invited and encouraged to attend a weekend. Christ Renews His Parish is for anyone seeking spiritual renewal. You do not have to be a spiritual person to attend the retreat. In fact, many people attend because they are not as spiritual as they would like.

Many attend because they feel something is missing from their lives. CRHP is an excellent opportunity for those who have stopped attending Mass or lost interest in the church, to reconnect with the Parish Family. All participants will be welcomed and receive unconditional acceptance.

The FINE print:

The weekend begins at St. Bernadette, Saturday morning 7am and ends Sunday afternoon, approximately 4pm. We all spend the night and all delicious meals and snacks are provided. If you have special diet requirement, please let us know when you register and every attempt will be made to accommodate your needs.

Sleeping accommodations (air mattresses) are provided. We recommend you bring pillows,
sheets and blankets, and personal items (i.e. razors, toothpaste, etc.).


There is no cost as this is our gift to you. If you feel inclined, donations are accepted at the end of the weekend.